Let us evaluate your critical website development challenges

With years of custom implementations we have worked with countless companies to help bring the best practices to all levels of their development. Our review process will identify areas of concern and layout a road map to get your implementations back on track.

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Services we offer

Consulting Services

Consulting services on a retainer to manage your project needs and control costs

Application Technical Audit

This deep dive will identify problem areas in your application and will result in a report that your team can add to future sprint planning

Independent Solutions Adviser

Bring in a solution architect to be a independent voice as you evaluate your next project

Request For Proposal Adviser

RFPs can come with a lot of research and demos of your prospective software, bringing in a independent voice can help the team with coming to a clear decision

Custom Development

Let us bid on your next development project

Commerce Development

With over twenty years of developing commerce applications we have built every thing from B2B, B2C and marketplaces on several modern frameworks

Haeger Design is a digital development firm specializing in helping you get the most from your digital journey.

With over 20 years in the digital and development space we have developed a wide range of native apps, marketing sites as well as commerce solutions. Over the past few years we have specialized in our consultative services to help our customers with evaluations.

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Choose the level of retainer that works for you

Haeger Design works with most of our customers on a retainer. Using a retainer will allow you to get a lower hourly rate and guarantee the hours you need for your on going development needs.

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Sell the way you want to with our commerce solutions

We have helped customers with their commerce needs for the last 18+ years. Building many custom solutions and working with solutions like OrderCloud, CommerceTools and our own proprietary code, we can help you start selling. If you need to get a second opinion on your solution we have helped customers of all sizes architect the correct commerce solution for their needs. We offer a service that can be set up as a retainer or a small project to help evaluate and document your ideal commerce solution.

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Big or small let us help with your next custom development project

Whether you are looking to get a small project done quickly or you are investing a large scale development project, we are here to help. With years of working at larger consulting firms I have managed many multi-million dollar projects. The level of professionalism will be the same but at a fraction of the cost.

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Experience the highest professionalism without the $1 million dollar price tag.

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Ready to get started?

We believe in building relationships with our clients to ensure we are on the same page today and in the future. Many of our customers we have worked for 10+ years.

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